About us

Welcome to learning a bit about us 🙂

We are Natalie and Tiffany, two homeschooling, conscious mummas based in Perth, Australia who believe in alternative healing. With a love and passion for crystals and what they can do for us physically, mentally and spiritually.

Hey guys, I'm Tiff. Since I was a child I have been drawn to rocks, stones, crystals and gems. From collecting, climbing them, admiring them to now learning and understanding them. A few years ago my life got a bit of a shake up and I found myself on a path of alternative healing and self discovery. I invested into personal development and reignited my flame. I have since rediscovered my love for crystals and stones, educating myself further and re-collecting. Now I'm here to share that passion with the world. I am a lover of raw crystals and specimens although I also have a soft spot for tumbles. I am currently drawn to kunzite, blue lace agate, azurite and pink tourmaline.

I’m Natalie, mum of 3 kiddies with another on the way, and also homeschooling. I’m also a part time nurse with a hubby that works away, so we live a very busy lifestyle. Over the years I’ve gone on my own journey to become more conscious in many ways. Being a nurse and observing the medical system first hand, I want to help educate people in any way I can to go down alternative routes to being healthier and happier in their lives. Crystals are still quite a new love and obsession in my life so I’m still learning as I go but grateful for what Mother Nature has given to us to aid us not only physically but also spiritually and I can’t wait to share them with more people. My favourite crystals right now are Ocean Jasper, Moss Agate, and Citrine. Im most drawn to smooth, carved and polished pieces.

We hope you love our crystal pieces and if we can help in any way, please contact us. 

Tiff and Nat